Welcome to Knot & Nous!

Thanks for stopping by! K&N is a small project that came to be as I discovered Holy Orthodoxy.

In 2017, I began using a prayer rope as part of my daily prayer rule, and shortly thereafter, I needed a new one. In order to be self-sufficient, I learned how to make a prayer rope for myself, and quickly fell in love with the process of creating different kinds of prayer ropes.

By 2018, I had started posting photos of my prayer ropes on social media and eventually, on a whim, I offered to send a prayer rope I had made to the first person who asked for it. The response I got was somewhat surprising: within a few minutes, multiple people reached out, and for days I kept getting inquiries. I eventually created a sign-up form where people could request a prayer rope. At that point, I was giving them all away for free and simply asked for donations.

Eventually, demand got too high for me to keep up with as a one-man project, so I put a limit to my free offerings—though they still make up the majority of my orders. I also set up this website as a way to better organize my orders and make it easier for others to request a prayer rope to fit their needs.

Knot & Nous has never been a "business" or a money-making endeavor. I have relatively modest costs: shipping software, materials and packaging, website hosting, etc., and any profit I make beyond covering these costs is donated to my local monastery. There are a number of ways to donate to my efforts here, and as more regular donations come in, I will be able to lower my costs.

God has given a remarkable gift to his Church in the simplicity of the Jesus Prayer, and the ease of using a prayer rope. This has been truly transformative for my personal prayer life, and I am on a mission to make sure nobody is without a prayer rope, no matter if where they live, and regardless of whether they can afford it or not.

Knot & Nous prayer ropes can be found on 6 continents (I'm working on getting some to Antarctica!), in over 20 countries, and nearly all 50 states.

This success is entirely possible by the generous donors who support me, and the continuous encouragement from the faithful through emails, social media, and your prayers.

Services On This Site

Visit the Prayer Ropes page to order your own custom prayer rope.

To understand all the customization options, and determine what will be the perfect prayer rope for you, visit the decision guide.

For a look into my brief ramblings, see the blog page.

And, of course, if this ministry has blessed you, please consider donating.

For any issues, just email me directly at info@knotandnous.com