Current wait time for new prayer rope requests is approximately 1-3 weeks. Requests accompanied by donation and those from members of the Holy Orders are prioritized.


If you are in need of a prayer rope, please select an option and customization below. Depending on current demand and time of year, it may take longer to fulfill orders.

I offer free prayer rope options, and do not charge for shipping inside the US. This means that those who cannot afford a prayer rope can order one absolutely free. I sell larger ropes as well, but running Knot & Nous ends up costing me money. As such, I accept donations. Any profit beyond paying operating costs is donated to my local monastery.

Any giving is entirely optional, but I make it available for those with whom it is a matter of conscience. If you cannot afford a prayer rope, please request a free option and consider it my gift to you.

Below is a list of prayer ropes for sale. Each prayer rope listed below is fully custom and made-to-order.

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Customized Prayer Ropes

Traditional Prayer Ropes

Traditional prayer ropes have been used for centuries and are made from knotted thread with a cross tying both ends of the rope together with an optional tassel. Each traditional prayer rope is made from 25, 33, 50, or 100 knots.

To order a traditional prayer rope, select an option below.

Prayer Rope Bracelets

Prayer rope bracelets offer a more portable option than traditional prayer ropes. Each bracelet can be made with an optional adjustable wristband from 25, 33, 50, or 100 knots. Larger bracelets can wrap around the wrist multiple times, but will be made with an on-line cross instead of the larger traditional cross.

To order a prayer rope bracelet, select an option below.

For custom commissions, email Peter at info@knotandnous.com